The Living Room Sessions 1: Grandma and Grandpa

I’m starting a ‘series’ as a part of this blog.

That’s your cue to go crazy and celebrate my awesome ideas.

(Thank you, thank you.)

I’m interviewing people. I’m actually endeavoring to accomplish that for which I created this thing: sharing people’s stories. I’m sitting down with people whom I think are interesting and asking them to share parts of the stories they call their own.

I’m calling it, The Living Room Sessions.

I thought that sounded hip. It’s also a nod to the relationships traditionally built in that room of a home.

So here’s my first.

I interviewed my grandparents. They have stories galore to share. Out of a one and a half hour conversation, I’ve included a short, 7 minute version in the video below.

None of the stories they shared in our time together were new. I’d heard all of them before. But they were still good reminders of perspectives on the world that I don’t possess, nor ever will. They were reminders (because at 21 yrs, I can use all the reminders I can get) that I don’t know everything. There exists a life and a world that I will never experience nor understand, of which I can only attempt to discover by asking people like my grandparents, “what’s your story?”

Perhaps the best lesson came from my brother, who said our generation ought not ever bore of listening to the stories of the generations before us.

So, here’s the first of (hopefully) many attempts I make to keep my interest in those stories alive. I hope you enjoy too.

If not, it’s ok. My grandpa’s a lawyer and I’ll have him sue you.

The Living Room Sessions 1: Dick and Marilyn Thies from John Marshall on Vimeo.


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